My Soundproofed Homelab Closet (where this site is hosted)

Recently I soundproofed my closet, installed a fan in the door, got rid of my pfSense-router and freeNAS-box and virtualized everything.

The door with the fan added.
My homelab and refrigerator.
The homelab explained.

The server is running Proxmox with virtualized machines for an OPNsense-router, a web server (this site), a NAS, a Nextcloud server and a(n?) NGINX reverse proxy. The patch panel goes out to my apartment, connecting to my workstation, a Trådfri gateway and an Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC LR.


Switch: Zyxel GS1008-HP – 8 Port / Gigabit Ethernet / PoE+ / Unmanaged / 60 Watt.
Server: Sun Fire x4170 M2 / 2 x Intel Xeon E5620 @2.40GHz / 96 GB RAM / 6 x 500gb HDD RAIDZ2.